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There are ten islands of Cape Verde each of which has a character of its own, created by-the ecological layout, the locals and the magic of different climates.
The islands offer a tropical climate year-round, with average daily temperatures varying from 26C (Nov to May) to 33C (June to Oct.)
So diverse in fact, even the most demanding traveller is likely to find more variety on this group of islands than one would hope to find on many of the World's largest continents.
From the white sandy beaches, turquoise sea and arid interior of Sal, to the dramatic scenery and green mountains of San Antao-Cape Verde has it all. You  will  look in awe at the vast and desolate beaches of Boa Vista and Maio, or if café culture is your thing, enjoy the thriving cultural capital with beautiful colonial architecture Sao Vicente has to offer.
Due to their position in the Atlantic, the islands are windy most of the time, the Northeast trade wind blowing strong. However, on the plus side, this means that humidity is low and conditions for watersports are excellent, making the country one of the top ten in the World for Windsurfing, Kite surfing, as well as miles and miles of sandy beaches creating a paradise for all to come and relax.



sao vicente

sao nicolau

santo antao

Boa vista


Santa Luzia



 The Cape Verde islands

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